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USAAI works with tour operators with each trip to program the best experience for the athletes when they are not at play. In working with the tour operators we design programs that best highlight the cultural heritage of the host country.


Unlike other athlete tours, our athletes stay in 3 or 4 star hotels that offer many of the amenities that the athletes are accustomed to while still giving them a feel of the country’s culture.


USAAI is invited to many tournaments and series each year, and we strive to find those that create the best athlete experience with a balance between competition and the cultural benefits of the experience. Below is a sampling of annual tours we have participated in the past. These tours represent all three types of sports tournaments that we participate in on tour.

There are several types of competition that USAAI engages in while on tour. The level of competition will vary from location to location, thus the approach that our teams take to those competitions vary as well. Several terms are used when describing the various USAAI tours. A quick explanation of each will help you better understand and prepare for the competition you will face.

Tournament – Tournament-based tours are traditional sports tournaments. Although the team may take in an additional game or two against area club teams while on the road, the main purpose of this type of tour is to participate competitively in a series of games organized in tournament format (double-elimination, round-robin, etc.). These are events that USAAI has been invited to participate in, typically by one specific group, club, or organization.

Featured Tournaments by Invitation

Arafura Games · Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament · Down Under Lacrosse Cup · DKV Tournament (Volleyball) · Red Machine Invitational (Baseball) · United World Games · Prague-Joudrs International Tournament (Softball) · Blacktown Challenge (Softball) · Berlin Open (Lacrosse) · Belgium Open (Baseball & Softball) · Melbourne Tigers Basketball Tournament · Australian Lacrosse Titles · Prague Cup (Lacrosse) · Gold Coast Invitational (Baseball) · Robur ’58 Series (Baseball & Softball) · Arezzo Invitational (Baseball & Softball) · Chianti Invitational (Baseball & Softball) · Run ’71 Oldenzaal Softball Invitational

Competitive Series – A series tour indicates that you will engage in a group of unrelated competitions, typically against club or select representative teams in different locations. We have also been invited to compete, in a variety of sports, against several national teams. Though always friendly, these games are still very competitive.

Featured Competitive Series by Invitation

Apemude Challenge Series [Volleyball] Peru · Curacao Invitational [Baseball] Curacao · Australian Friendship Series – Red [Softball] Australia · Softball International Challenge - Red [Softball] Australia

Friendship Games/Series – Friendship tours differ from our more competitive fronts in a couple different areas. These trips center less on the competitive edge and more around goodwill ambassadorship and camaraderie. The sports are typically more developmental in these locations, and USAAI team members often teach clinics to area children and sign autographs. It is an opportunity for our athletes to share their knowledge of the sport they love with those who are hungry to learn. They represent the United States in sports where the letters "USA" are iconic and the mere opportunity to compete against Americans is a treasure

Featured Friendship Series by Invitation

Apemude Friendship Series [Basketball] Peru · Bajan High School [Basketball] Barbados · Bajan Men's Friendship Series [Basketball] · Barbados · Bajan Women’s Friendship Series[Basketball] Barbados · Bajan Friendship Series [Soccer] Barbados Aruba Friendship Series[Softball] Aruba · Curacao Friendship Games [Softball] Curacao · Aruba Friendship Games [Softball] Aruba · Peruvian Goodwill Series [Softball] Peru · Peruvian Friendship Games[Basketball] Peru